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1 Great Plate™ for Preschoolers, School Kids and Adults


It seems like we’re all about MyPlate here because after nearly two decades, it is exciting to have a whole new image for nutrition. But a little like fashion, we’re seeing glimmers in our own collection that may have helped to predict the latest USDA MyPlate transformation.

A couple of years ago, we started a series called 1 Great Plate™.  Our blueprint will sound familiar to anyone who has been reading up on MyPlate:

1 Great Plate™ is a good-for-you and tasty meal showing the divisions of 1/2 fruits and vegetables, 1/4 whole grains, and 1/4 lean protein.

It’s familiar because it’s built on sound science and nutrition. The “new” part of MyPlate and 1 Great Plate™ is the actual image. With 1 Great Plate™,  we created  portion-sized images that would work with three main age groups: Preschoolers, School Kids and Adults.


• 1 Great Plate™ for Preschoolers (Childcare and Kindergarten) uses a colorful plate, kid-friendly utensils and easy to eat options that will be recognizable for preschool kids
• 1 Great Plate™ for Kids includes more food, to help keep a school age kid fueled for the day – but the equation is the same.
• 1 Great Plate™ for Adults includes touches that will appeal to a more mature taste – with a touch of sauce and grown up portions

We’ve used the 1 Great Plate icons to create a range of products that promote healthy eating – posters, handouts, lesson plans, bookmarks, stickers. They are perfect for classrooms, lunchrooms, healthcare clinics – any place where good health can be shared.










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