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5 Summer Tips for Keeping Kids Active

The beautiful summer weather has arrived and it is time to keep the kids (and you!) active and outside more this season. Keeping children active helps maintain a healthy weight, reduces risk of illness, grows an appreciation for the outdoors and provides them a great break from screen time. Here are a few tips to get the kiddos active. These tips can be applied both to parents and children as well as educators working with children.

  1. Create a list of activities together, a summer bucket list of sorts. Talk to them about what they would like to do outside this summer, jot it down and then begin to cross things off your list together.
  2. Create an adventurous backyard. Get your kids excited about the outdoors and create an adventurous yard with tents, obstacles, play areas, or whatever you can think of to get your kids outside and moving.
  3. Start small! What about playing with chalk? Hula hoops?
  4. Build something. It could be anything from a tree fort to a small play area in a sandbox.
  5. Search for local activities for parents and children. The summer offers many great opportunities for families to try new activities and stay active. Local Parks and Recreation departments,Community Education, zoos and libraries are great places to start learning more about available activities.

What are YOUR favorite ways to get your kiddos active in the summer months? Any favorite activities you suggest? Comment below or on the Learning ZoneXpress Facebook page to share your ideas!


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