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5 Ways to Get Active This Summer

The warm weather has finally arrived and is here to stay! Are you ready to make this a more active summer but wondering where to start? Or perhaps you work with clients or students feeling this way? Learning ZoneXpress is here to offer a few tips on how to become more active this summer.

1. Set a goal for your summer - Creating a goal forSet SMART Healthy Behavior Goals Handouts yourself will motivate you to work towards an outcome. Remember to make it a SMART goal.





T-timely (Aim for the goal to be accomplished by the end of the summer).

An example goal could include "Go for a walk outside around the block Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 30 minutes each week with my neighbor."

The Set SMART Healthy Behavior Goals Handouts are a great tool to help with this!

2. Try a new activity - Perhaps it's been difficult to become more active because you haven't found an activity you really enjoy yet. It's important to enjoy being active so it becomes a hobby within your life, and we encourage you to try something new. (Spoiler- there will be a separate post on trying a new activity soon!)

3. Declutter - Cleaning, organizing or moving items around inside and outside your house can get you moving more. Have you been avoiding cleaning out that closet? What about re-organizing the garage? These are simple ways to get moving, and it can also be a great stress relief.

4. Volunteer - There are many volunteer organizations that allow you to make a difference by being outside, active and social simply through volunteerism. In your internet's search engine, type "volunteer + your location preference" to see what local opportunities are available for you!

5. Have an active accountability partner - It's always helpful having a partner to support you through new hobbies and reaching goals. Reach out to a loved-one, friend or co-worker that may want to join you in your active endeavors or help motivate you to be more active .

Hope these tips help you get active this summer! Share your goal with us on the Learning ZoneXpress Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you!


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