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Keep FACS in the Public Eye

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Op-Ed piece in the New York Times September 5, 2011 by Helen Zoe Veit, assistant professor of history at Michigan State on her discussion of  Home Economics.  She was then interviewed the next day on NPR regarding her writing. (Please see our two previous blog posts:  Home Ec in the NY Times and Time to Revive Home Ec spurring discussion.)

As I have stated many times it is vital that we as FACS professionals keep our programs and the work that we do in the eye of the public for this very reason. 

Recently when FACS professionals were part of the Education booth at the Minnesota State fair we played a question game regarding nutrition.  Before I asked visitors a nutrition question, I first asked, "What did Family and Consumer Sciences replace in the education system."  When I asked children, they knew the answer if they had a FACS course in Junior High School.  If I asked women, they knew the answer if they had children.  If I asked men, they gave me a blank look and a smile.

Here are some suggestions, when you teach topics that are in the public eye, call your local newspaper and ask them to feature your classroom. Whether the paper be large or small, give it your best attempt to make your community aware of the work that you do.  When you get that news article published, put the link on facebook and share it with others.  If you are a member of AAFCS (and I hope that you are) copy and paste that link to the AAFCS facebook page so that others in your profession can see what you do in your work.

We are such a strong group of professionals with wonderful knowledge.  Do not be afraid to make it known that you are an awesome FACS leader.


In FACS spirit!!!! Jane  

P.S. Don't forget to thank Melanie for giving us the opportunity to keep FACS alive!

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