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AAFCS Teacher of the Year

Our National Teacher of the Year is Sharon Bailey from Pennsylvania.  I wrote  earlier this summer about the work that she has done teaching nutrition to students and how they have shared their learning in their community.

There are so many fantastic FACS programs in the United States and I would like to encourage those of you that are in AAFCS to please consider submitting your program for the national teacher of the year award.  As a former Minnesota Teacher of the Year, I am honored to be a part of this wonderful program!

To be nominated nationally you must submit your nomination through your state affiliate.   If you are not an active AAFCS member please look at the AAFCS website for information under awards and scholarships drop down.

At the beginning of this century we had a large contingent of candidates, but over the years the number of affiliates with candidates has dropped.  We encourage you to challenge yourself or your affiliates to submit a candidate for this wonderful program.  This award keeps our programs in the public eye and is a great way to show the good that we do in our profession.

Hope to see you on stage next summer in Indiana!!!!

In the positive spirit of Family and Consumer Science,


Note:  Learning Zone has published several Teacher of the Year programs.

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