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Allergies: Good Addition to a FACS Curriculum

food allergiesHave you talked to your students about allergies? If you know someone with an allergy, you know how serious they are. You recognize the signs of a reaction. You might even know what to do in a tough place. If you don’t have firsthand experience you might not be as resourceful are Ransom Duel.

We love this recent story from about the 7 year old who helped diagnose an minimize an allergic reaction in his friend…

Maybe Ransom Duel has a future as a doctor.

Because when his friend started getting sick during lunch at Harritt Elementary, the 7-year-old knew he had to diagnose what was wrong before he could fix it. Also, knowing how to read helped.

That day at lunch, Ransom's friend, Sullivan Moore, also 7, thought another kid’s Nutella looked pretty good. So he ate some. The problem was Sullivan is really allergic to nuts.

"Sully has an allergy to all tree nuts, and he just thought it was chocolate," said Sullivan's mom, Patti Moore.

So when Sullivan started having a bad reaction, Ransom grabbed the jar of Nutella and starting reading the ingredients. Third one in, he found what he was looking for.

"I found 'hazelnuts,'" Ransom said.

He grabbed a teacher, who got Sullivan the medicine he needed.

Learning ZoneXpress is hoping to spread the word about allergies so that similar stories to this will have similar endings! We have a range of materials that help inform and educate on food allergies and sensitivities. Materials include posters, presentations, DVDs and books. Currently we are working on some new tablets for peanut allergies and celiac disease. We’ll post an update when those are completed.


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