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Answers to Dr. Johnson's Buzz Statements

Back to Dr. Johnson and his buzz statements.

 1. The South is Back.  This is obvious.  Southern states are increasing in population whereas the Northeast, Midwest and West coast happen to be decreasing.
2. The Browning of America. Many more immigrants from non European areas. By 2050 he is predicting that less than half of our population will be of European descent. In short summary, this is due to higher population of immigration from all countries excluding Europe, comment number 4 below and lower reproduction of the white population.
3. Silver Tsunami. A unique term for our aging population. 
4. Marrying Out is “IN”.  Many folks of different race origination are marrying each other.  In my own white family I have three cousins that have married out of their race and my nephew just married a lovely young woman from Brazil. 
5. The End of Men?  For the first time in history, women have a stronger population in the work force.  Men are in positions where the economy is presently struggling.  Examples would be manufacturing in the United States and construction.  This trend is continuing to increase in alarming numbers. 
6. The Cooling Waters of Grandparents.  Grandparents’ raising their grandchildren is still on the rise in the United States.  Also on the rise are children living with their parents into adulthood.

How did you do?  Were the answers obvious?  I think so but the statistics are alarming and I recommend you do a Google search on Dr. Johnson’s research it is very interesting.  He is predicting that by 2050 we see a very new shape of the country.


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