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Apps for Family & Consumer Sciences

We are pleased to share the following article from our friends at American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences  (AAFCS). You can learn about more FACS apps from their latest newsletter...

Apps for Family & Consumer Sciences

By Sharon A. Baillie, 2011 AAFCS National Teacher of the Year

I received a grant from Pathways for Financial Success, which included the purchase of an iPad lab. My students and I have been trying out apps to use in my FCS classroom. Each month I will be reviewing apps for FCS. To find the app, do a Google search and type the words “app store” after the app name. You will get a link to the android, iTunes, or Google store if the app is available for your device. If you have suggestions for future apps to include, please send me an email.

Quizlet allows students to study vocabulary words on their mobile device as flash cards or by choosing to play one of three games. Word lists must be created on a computer or selected from the many lists already available.

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