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Barnyard Poster Ingredients

The farm-friendly Barnyard Poster in our Foodscapes poster series features a rooster, hen, and chick family, as well as a bull, pig, and cat made out of fresh vegetables and fruits. The 2009 Merit Health Information Award Winner promotes nutrition and eating local in a fun, creative way. Make your own Barnyard Poster scene with the ingredient guide below:

Sun: orange
Rooster & Hen: garlic body, pepper tail, shallot head
Chicks: garlic body, grape stem legs
Bull: yellow pepper body and head, white asparagus legs, black eyed pea eyes, Serrano chili pepper eyes
Fence: green asparagus
Cat in the Barn: mushroom body, black eyed pea eyes, wild rice whiskers, surrounded by bean sprout hay
Hay Bale: coleslaw mix
Piggy: kiwi body, grape snout, white asparagus legs, orange rind tail, black eyed pea eyes

We'd love to see photos of the Foodscapes creations that you make. E-mail your photos to

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