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Bring Back Home Economics in School

This is the title of an article written by Hillari Dowdle in a current on-line issue of Cooking Light magazine. In the article she gives a brief overview of the decline and consequences of home economics classes since the 1960’s. Please be assured that she does mention the Family & Consumer Sciences name change.

Here are some highlights and quotes from this article that would be important for the promotion of your programs or to use as support in your curriculum reviews:

  • While the same percentage of students today, 25%, are involved in home economics classes as in 1962, the amount of class time has dwindled from a full year to nine week classes.
  • Many home economics programs became more focused on the vocational careers in order to stay afloat. Today there is a great need for students to learn basic home life management skills.
  • “Public health experts , nutritionists, and educators are beginning to realize that the lack of basic life skills, like cooking, presents a serious problem: Americans are growing up ignorant about the whats, whys, and hows of eating healthy.”
  • “Alice Lichtenstein, DSc, professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University, believes this has a direct link to the obesity epidemic.  Since 1980, as traditional Home Ec classes waned, the rate of obesity among children ages 2 to 19 tripled.”
  • "Prevention is more powerful than treatment, but it is difficult when our education system is not teaching children how to prepare fresh food," Lichtenstein says. "Every child—male and female—should have those skills, but many don't grow up in an environment where there's someone to teach or model them."
  • Parents today need to be involved in demanding that their schools provide this information that was lost in their education.

Ideas for you to promote your program with this article:

  • Pin it to your Pinterest  and like it on Facebook or Tweet it
  • Send a copy to your curriculum coordinator, building principal, and superintendent.
  • Make hard copies of the article for  parents to pick up at open house night

Here’s the link, enjoy!

It can also be found under the eating smart and nutrition 101 tabs.

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