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Can Fruits & Vegetables Be Just As Cool As Junk Food?

YES…is what FNV, the brand new marketing campaign for fruits and vegetables would like the answer to be! Junk food companies spend millions of dollars to market unhealthy choices to children, now fruits and vegetables will get their chance to shine! The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) recently announced the launch of FNV (fruits and vegetables), a marketing campaign focused on increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Partnership for a Healthier America and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative will work together to rebrand fruits and vegetables with this new marketing campaign. According to the FNV website, “Fruits and vegetables are now a brand.”

FNV, a “hip” acronym for “fruits ‘n’ vegetables” will have its own website and will focus primarily on social media. Its YouTube and Twitter accounts will feature videos from celebrities including Jessica Alba, Victor Cruz, Nick Jonas, and more.

The branding from corporate food companies has had a real influence on young people’s diets, and FNV will attempt to imitate those same influences to convince the younger audience that fruits and vegetables are just as cool as junk food. Fruits and vegetables are now a brand states the FNV website.

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