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Celebrate Financial Literacy Month!

April is Financial Literacy Month and a great time to bring financial literacy into the classroom. Teaching our kids how to manage money wisely is an important life skill. At Learning ZoneXpress, we support teachers and community organizations as they help our children grow into financially responsible adults.

Saving, spending, giving, investing and budgeting are all parts of financial literacy. If we teach our children good financial habits while their young they will carry those habits into adulthood.

An important lesson to learn about financial literacy is to “Pay Yourself First”! Paying yourself first and saving is necessary for 3 things:

Unexpected Events or Emergencies:

  • Car Problems
  • Broken cell phone
  • Job loss


To Purchase Large or Expensive Items:

  • New computer
  • Car
  • Travel


To Invest:

  • This is a long-term savings for things like college or retirement.


If you are an educator looking to incorporate money lessons into your classroom, Learning ZoneXpress is a great place to start! We offer a wide array of posters, videos, lesson plans, and more. Our financial education resources will give you tips and tools for teaching money literacy.

Whether or not you have experience teaching personal finance, you will find our instructional materials easy to use and adaptable for your situation. Helping our youth build a solid foundation for financial independence and decision making is life altering.


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