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Classroom gardens feed taste for vegetables

I want to thank Karen Smith for sending us the attached article about her Classroom Garden Curriculum. It's inspirational!

Karen Smith is a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Monticello Middle School in Minnesota. Karen received funding from the Live Wright initiative, part of the Minnesota Statewide Health Improvement Program, to build two indoor gardens in her classroom. The article talks about what the students thought about the program.

One student found that knowing where your food comes from can help you like even salads…

“I know that I don’t really like salads, but I like these salads because they’re fresh and we made them.”

Another student brings her good eating habits home…

One student took a liking to the various herbs they planted and asked her mom to plant the same ones at home.

The article tracks the multilevel success of a well done FACS project: it helps the students learn about nutrition, makes them want to learn more and live healthily and encourages them to bring the health habits home. It’s a healthy trifecta.

One thought on “Classroom gardens feed taste for vegetables”

  • Jane

    Congratulations on a wonderful job. As always your are maticulous in the work that you do, while making a positive connection with your students!

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