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Cleaning out your curriculum cupboard? Recycle the curriculum, not just the paper!

This past year I had the exciting opportunity to take early retirement from my school district. Woo-hoo! Since other FACS teachers in the district were picking up my hours and we were required to pack up the ENTIRE building due to construction projects, I had the option to either toss out or bring home my curriculum and workshop 3-ring binders. Since I was unsure if I would be teaching elsewhere, I lugged home all of my binders. (I am an idea saver, organizer, writer, and recycler. We're talking  80 binders of classes, workshops and curriculum books. That's a lot of lugging!)

My husband and I also recently sold our house and we are moving in a month. I had to decide what to do with the curriculum binders. I sent out an e-mail to our MAFCS  hotline (thanks to Jean Knaak) informing anyone with interest they could pick up the curricula by a certain day and provided my e-mail address. I also highlighted some of the classes and grade levels I had taught. Within hours, I had a number of requests  from teachers, colleges and a curriculum company. Three days later, all of my binders had gone to new homes. One student teacher was delighted as she drove home with a trunk full of new resources! It was a joy for me to share the resources rather than just to recycle the paper. Perhaps the binders will provide new ideas and resources for the teachers and maybe, just maybe, make their demanding lives as a FACS teacher a little bit easier.

As the school year comes to a close and you are spring cleaning or planning to retire, take the time to share your resources with others that may find them beneficial. Send out an e-mail, blog on your state’s FACS blog, or contact a college that has a FACS program. In addition to sharing with others, I know that if my career path should take another course and I end up back in teaching, I know who has a binder I can borrow!

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