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Commit to"Dining In" on Family & Consumer Sciences Day, December 3, 2016!

Help spread the word of the importance of family mealtime! For the third annual Family & Consumer Sciences Day, the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) is asking families to prepare and eat a healthy meal together on December 3rd. December 3rd was chosen to honor AAFCS Founder Ellen Swallow Richards, first woman graduate of MIT. December 3rd is her birthday.

The American Association for Family of Family & Consumer Sciences has everything you need to help celebrate and promote FCS programs and educators that support family mealtime.

Start by committing to "Dining In" on December 3rd!

As FCS Day is fast approaching, here are some simple things from AAFCS that secondary educators can do in their classrooms:

  • Use the lesson plan and materials provided for FCCLA@TheTable at Take the FCCLA pledge!
  • Ask your students to “Dine In” on December 3rd! Give extra credit to those who commit and show that they have “dined in” by sharing a #HealthyFamSelfie on social media.
  • Print “Dining In” flyers for your students to take home.
  • Ask students to share their favorite family recipes and suggest ways to make them healthier.
  • Use “Dining In” as a way to discuss similarities and differences across cultures.
  • Prepare simple, healthy meals in your food lab prior to Family & Consumer Sciences Day.


How are you celebrating FCS Day? Be sure to join the conversation on social media and share what you're doing using #FCSday.


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