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Cooking Light: An Exciting and Helpful FACS Resource!

Summer is the perfect time for teachers to rest, relax, and catch up activities that have been put on the back burner during the whirlwind of May and June. As a teacher I could hardly wait for the school year to end so I could pleasure read the stack of books waiting for me. I would read as many as 5 books my first week off from school! This was pure delight and gave me a chance to relax, recharge, and not think about school. The following week off, I would find myself organizing and getting everything in my home back in order. (Please note: I did not have kids at home! )

In addition to staying on top of my teacher re-licensure credits, the next part of my summer involved spending time with friends, doing fun activities and researching the notes I had accumulated throughout the busy school year. This usually involved teaching resources and websites and going through materials I picked up at conferences. It gave me time to process the information and to purposefully think about ways I could implement the information and activities into my classes.

One website that I would recommend you spend time checking out is It is the online version of the Cooking Light Magazine. Be sure to take a look at the app available for download on the website. It has a couple of neat features that will be helpful for your foods classes as well as your personal life. One feature is the real time nutrition calculator as you make a menu plan. Another feature is that you can list one entrée and it will help you plan a healthy meal with the entrée.

Under the Cooking 101 tab, check out the techniques and essential ingredients options. The techniques may have items you can embed in your class PowerPoints/smart board activities. The essential ingredient is fun and interesting to read.

It is a .com website, so the downside to the website is you will see pesky ads and pop-ups. The website is worth the slight bother though , so take and look and enjoy! If you see interesting items on the Cooking Light site that you think other FACS teachers may find applicable for their classes, please comment to this blog.

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