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Cyber Security Month Posters for the Classroom

October is Cyber Security Month. Last week while attending the Cyber Security Conference we saw a few of the homemade cyber-security posters (such as the one seen below) that demonstrated the student’s awareness and understanding of cyber-security issues.

We applaud the work of the students and teachers. Cyber-security can be a difficult lesson for both to learn. The Internet is a frontier that few teachers grew up learning.
To help teachers reinforce cyber security and anti-cyberbullying strategies, Learning ZoneXpress has developed a series of posters to promote digital awareness and protection:

Cyberbullying Poster
Great tips for tweens and teens to prevent cyberbullying using the Internet and mobile phones. The Cyberbullying Poster defines cyberbullying and offers suggestions to stop the bullying.

Cyber Stalking Poster
Say "no way" to keep internet creeps and stalkers at bay. The Cyber Stalking Poster offers helpful tips to protecting yourself from stalkers on social networking sites, message board, and chat rooms.

Text Safety Poster
Think safety and use sound judgment before you hit send! The Text Safety Poster makes tweens and teens "think before you send" with some common-sense tips to put safety first when text messaging others.

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