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I Make a Difference 

The school I teach at has this banquet every year for the top 10 percent of the student body. It is a bit of a competitive thing for the teachers because the students get to invite a teacher that has influenced them positively in their life. It has somewhat of a positive stigma attached to it when a teacher gets invited. Rightly so.

Although I can’t tell you what the letters in “STAARS Banquet” stand for, I know that I still make a positive influence on my students even though I don’t get invited to the Banquet every year.

I tend to migrate towards the majority of my students that struggle with core classes but seem to have a real gift in my classroom. That is the beauty of teaching electives. We get to see students soar and develop talents that might otherwise go unnoticed. This realization is in the staff lounge when I hear about troubles with a student in a core class and I say, "I love that kid". I love that part of my job. I love that something I said or taught might have inspired someone and gave them hope to carry on their dreams.

What are some success stories with your students?

In the spirit of alternative minds,


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