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Easy Tips for Mindful Eating this Holiday Season

The holidays are full of delicious foods in a plethora of quantities.  On average, Americans gain about one to two pounds during the holidays.  Fortunately, there are ways to avoid holiday weight gain by choosing to eat mindfully.

What is “mindful eating”?  Mindful eating is about giving your full attention to the food you eat.  Eating mindfully means listening to the hunger cues your body sends and eating only until you’re satisfied.

Tips to Eat Mindfully This Holiday Season:

  • Slow Down-It takes your brain up to 20 minutes to realize you’re full. If you eat too fast, the signal that you’re full may not arrive until you’ve eaten too much.  Take small bites and chew thoroughly.  Put your fork or spoon down between each bite to help slow your eating.


  • Focus on Your Food-Eating while you’re distracted or emotionally upset can also cause you to eat more than your body needs. Try eating in silence.  Turn off the TV and put down your phone to fully engage in your meal.


  • Listen to Your Body-Determining if your hunger is physical or emotional is important in order to eat mindfully. Give cravings time to pass and avoid going more than 3-4 hours without eating.  When your starving, it’s hard to gauge fullness.


These simple, mindful tips will help you stay on track this holiday season.  For more information and to share these tips with your clients check out our “Mindful Eating Handouts”.


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