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NEW Eat Healthy - Be Active Community Workshops

As a dietitian, I am frequently asked to provide nutrition education workshops on how to eat healthy and be well. Though I truly enjoy providing workshops, one challenging part for me is to develop new sessions from scratch. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has developed a new series of six one-hour workshops based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Each workshop provided contains objectives, lesson plans, background material, hands-on activities with an estimated time for each, and worksheets. Any health professional, including dietitians, licensed nutritionists, certified health education specialists, can take these workshops and feel confident that they will present a beneficial training to help guide adults to lifelong health changes.

Below are brief descriptions of each session in the series.
Enjoy Healthy Food That Tastes Great
• Learn how to make small changes to choose healthier fats, less salt, and less added sugars; food substitutions and using spices, herbs, and salt-free seasonings; and how to make modifications to recipes and cooking techniques to reduce calories, solid fats (saturated and trans fat), sodium, or added sugars

Quick, Healthy Meals and Snacks
• Learn tips for preparing meals quickly and how to stock your pantry; how to make healthy selections when eating out; and how to use a slow cooker to prepare easy, healthy meals.

Eating Healthy on a Budget
• Learn the three steps for healthy eating on a budget and how to plan meals and snacks ahead of time.

Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off
• Learn how to determine your BMI; about the amount of calories you need each day; and tips for losing weight and keeping it off.

Making Healthy Eating Part of Your Total Lifestyle
• Learn the concepts of a healthy lifestyle; about foods that should be eaten regularly and those that should be eaten only occasionally; and how to read and understand the Nutrition Facts Label

Physical Activity Is Key to Living Well
• Learn the benefits of physical activity and the specific recommendations for aerobic and strengthening activities; how to do strength-training activities; and how to develop and maintain a successful plan for physical activity.

Health professionals can choose to provide these workshops as a continuous series or pick and choose from the sessions that would best fit their audience’s needs. Not super comfortable with a particular topic? Consider partnering with another health professional, like personal trainer for the physical activity session, to ensure that the community members receive a top-notch session.

Visit to access and download the workshops. If you are one of the first 100 health professionals to conduct these new workshops, email to receive a free CD of the workshops and technical assistance.

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