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Eating the MyPlate Way…On a Budget!

Think it’s impossible to eat healthy on a budget?...Think again! Tasty, affordable foods are within reach for your family. With a few tips and tricks you can make eating the Myplate way on a budget happen.


Here’s How:

  • Buy seasonal! Fruits and vegetables that are in season and grown in your area are easier to get and less expensive.
  • Try your local farmer’s market!
  • Visit the freezer aisle! Did you know frozen vegetables and fruits are just as nutritious and usually cheaper than fresh?
  • Buy in bulk! It’s almost always cheaper to buy in bulk. Smart choices include family packs of chicken, steak or fish and larger bags of potatoes or frozen vegetables.
  • Buy it whole! Pre-washed and cut fruit and vegetables may be more convenient but it is often more expensive too.
  • Go generic! Don’t be fooled by the more attractive brand-name products. Generic food will always be more attractive to your wallet.

More Low-Cost MyPlate Tips:

  • Plan ahead! Before going to the grocery store, plan your meals. Try to include meals that will “stretch” into more portions like stews, casseroles or a stir-fry.
  • Cut coupons! Check online, in the newspaper and at the store for sales and coupons. Watch for specials.
  • Compare! Find the “unit price” on the shelf and use it to compare different brands and sizes to find the most affordable option.
  • Prepare large batches of your favorite recipes and freeze them in individual containers and use them throughout the week instead of ordering take-out meals.
  • “Planned-Overs”! Plan for extra “leftovers” and save some cash. Use your leftovers in creative ways like toppings for omelets, baked potatoes or pasta.

Remember….Get your calcium. Focus on fruits. Vary your veggies. Make at least half your grains whole. Go lean with protein. And don’t forget to make physical activity a part of your plan.

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