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Keep FACS Alive!

Take the time this holiday season to give a professional gift by being an advocate for Family & Consumer Sciences. Help prevent a FCS college program from being absorbed…YOUR help IS needed!

We all work so hard to make lives better for all of those around us…both personally and professionally. It’s disheartening when you hear of the continued demise of FCS programs and the lack of understanding of what we really do from the world around us. Bit by bit, it feels like we are being chipped away, while the world cries for our help and says, “We need to learn nutrition, we need to know how to manage our money, etc.” Well, another chip is about to occur, and hopefully we can stop it.

Please take a few minutes this holiday season to write a knowledgeable and heartfelt e-mail to Bridgewater College in VA. It is only one of three colleges in VA that offers FACS and has over 200 students in its program a semester, yet the college is currently in the process of “absorbing” the FCS classes into other disciplines.  Sound familiar? Thanks to the diligent research of Debbie Will, an FCCLA specialist in Virginia and former graduate of Bridgewater, all of the information has been put together for you, including e-mail addresses. Please read the attachments and set aside some time to write your letter. Letters need to be completed by the end of January…perhaps this could be your New Year’s Resolution!

My two cents worth…I know that once classes get absorbed or are taken on by other disciplines, the family systems, reconstructive and technical application of the knowledge base will be lost. Students will be expected to learn the information and will not receive the training to apply the information. What is good is that?



Bridgewater College  FCS Advocacy Letter 2011

Current proposals affecting the Bridgewater College FCS Dept. Nov 2011

Bridgewater College FCS Advocacy Mailing List 2011-12


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