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FACS is back!


St. Francis, MN schools have recently added FACS classes back into their schedules. Four years ago, the FACS department was removed due to budget cuts, but they have finally been able to squeeze it back in. Just yesterday, a local newspaper published an article about this curriculum and how students are responding to it. FACS class is now a required course for 8th graders at St. Francis schools, and they seem to really be enjoying it. The entire article can be read here.

FACS is an important class for students to experience. St. Francis' curriculum, like many others includes consumerism, food purchasing, kitchen safety, cooking, and teen living. This variety of topics help children understand important life skills at a young age.

Some of my personal, most memorable moments in school happened in the FACS classroom, so I, and the entire team at Learning ZoneXpress are thrilled that it has been added back into St. Francis'  class schedule.

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