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FACS Helps in Ways You'd Never Think!

I own a factory!  I mean seriously, I never thought that I would say this....never.  It is weird.

December 31, 2010 my husband was let go from his employment.  He was director of operations at a small factory.  He was the substantial bread winner in our family.

At first we really thought that he would be able to find another position quite easily but the longer he looked the more we new we had some things blocking his path.  1.  Age discrimination is out there.  2.  Salary history can sometimes play against you.  3. The economy is not great.

My husband has wanted to be a business owner since I have known him.  It has been his dream but I have always been afraid to let go of the financial security his career had given us and I was the stopping point for his dream.

He dragged me to a factory and said, "Let's just look at this."  (Much like the trip to look at our first motorcycle that we purchased the same day we looked.)  We both did not have good feelings about the factory.  He looked at another one later on and I knew from the gleam in his eyes when he came home that he had found his dream.

It is scary, trying, and overwhelming at times, but my FACS background has helped me so much in every way.  As FACS professionals we are so lucky to have acquired life skills that can get us through unique and/or difficult times.

As of May 22, 2011, I do bookwork and now I have two jobs.  (Or is it 3 if you count this one.)   Off to the machine shop.

It's nice to see my husband smile.


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