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  • Celebrate Financial Literacy Month!

    April is Financial Literacy Month and a great time to bring financial literacy into the classroom. Teaching our kids how to manage money wisely is an important life skill. At Learning ZoneXpress, we support teachers and community organizations as they help our children grow into financially responsible adults. Saving, spending, giving, investing and budgeting are all parts of financial literacy. If we teach our children good financial habits while their young they will carry those habits into adulthood. An important lesson to learn about financial literacy is to “Pay Yourself First”! Paying yourself first and saving is necessary...

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  • Say Yes to FCS - NATFACS Scholarship Opportunities

    Say YES to FCS! A shortage of graduates in Family and Consumer Sciences means scholarships are available to students enrolled in FCS Education programs. Go to for information and download application, due Oct. 1.

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  • Learning ZoneXpress supports Say Yes to FCS campaign

    Two years ago, Learning ZoneXpress began a partnership with NASAFACS to promote Family and Consumer Sciences Education due to a shortage of graduates in this career area and to fill the pipeline of future educators. Through this partnership, several products were created with a portion of sales being earmarked to support the "Say YES to FCS" initiative.

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  • Who benefits from financial education? Millennials, girls, and credit scores!

    As a teacher you often know when you’ve made a difference. You see the spark. You get the answer that’s so right it puts a new spin on a topic for you! But it’s always nice to get a little confirmation from the research. The Minnesota Credit Union has some good news… Minnesota Credit Unions have assembled and reviewed the research to show how millennials, girls, and credit scores are benefiting from financial education such as that required in Minnesota. Here’s an example… Students exposed to mandated personal finance education exhibit meaningful improvements in credit outcomes. Three years following the implementation...

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  • Spotlight on Mississippi DOE/FACS

    When Janie Leach took her position as Program Specialist at the Mississippi Department of Education, she knew she wanted to raise the bar for FACS programs across the state. Mrs. Leach wanted to provide support and visibility for programs under her umbrella: FACS, Early Childhood, Culinary, and Teacher Academy through the Office of Secondary Education and Career Technical Education. Most importantly,Janie wanted teachers to know that they have a partner at the state level to advocate for them. Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) include a wide variety of technical applications. These applications include: basics of food safety...

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  • From Life Skills to Career Paths, The Evolution of Home Economics

    This article featured on WUWM-FM (Milkwaukee) highlights how FACS prepares students for college and careers. Think about the term “home economics.” You might picture a class of high school girls back in the day, learning to make meatloaf so they could one day serve it to their families. Home ec has always taught students practical skills. But today it’s taken on a different flavor, even different names. For instance, just this month, MPS announced it would launch a new culinary program, this fall. Like other modern-day courses, the focus today is on helping students land jobs. Classes toss other skills into...

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  • New Outdoor Product Design & Development Degree Program!

    Today we learned from Lindsey Shirley, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at Utah State University that they are responding to the demand for a trained workforce in outdoor product design and development by creating an innovative and industry-inspired degree program. Not only is the industry calling for a trained workforce, but the demand for new and innovative outdoor products continues to rise. According to the Outdoor Industry Association (2012), more than 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a priority. This fact is illustrated by the over $646 billion that was spent on outdoor products in 2012 (Outdoor Industry Association, 2012...

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  • Hallway Café: The First Step to a Culinary Career

    At Elk River High School the Culinary Arts courses are at full-capacity. The Hallway Café, which doubles as Monique Sabby’s classroom during first semester, provides a hand-on, technical learning experience for her students. The Hallway Café houses a full commercial kitchen which is licensed and inspected by the Minnesota Department of Health. This is where students prepare menu items and perfect their craft. Students in ProStart I & II courses design the menu, pricing, and management plan before actually operating the café over the lunch hour during second semester. The preliminary work also includes food safety and sanitation, food and...

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  • Get Your Students' Etiquette in Shape for the World of Work!

    Having good manners can help your students stand out from the crowd and knowing how to act with professional courtesy can help them land a job and succeed once they have their foot in the door. Learning ZoneXpress has created “Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy DVD” to help teach students the essential concepts of “professional etiquette”. In this video, students will join Sasha and Sean as they work to get their etiquette in shape for the professional world of work. This video is recommended for Grade 6 through adult. Topics featured in this video include: • Why are manners...

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  • Social Media Manners: Polite Behavior in the Social Media World

    Social media is a whole new universe when it comes to manners and etiquette. Manners used to be something that happened in person, but today we conduct many of our relationships online and the rules and courtesies can be a little unclear. Many schools throughout the country are struggling with creating uniform practices for teaching social media manners and etiquette. Many schools can play a critical role in teaching online etiquette and finding educational resources to teach this can be difficult. Learning ZoneXpress understands these difficulties and that is why we have produced “Social Media Manners: Polite Behavior in the...

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