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Are You Following "Fed Up With Lunch"?

I guess it takes national attention sometimes to grab onto something cool. I just connected with this blog "Fed Up With Lunch" because it came through on my Google alerts. Apparently, one brave and fed up teacher in Chicago has spent the past year consuming basic school lunch. She sounds pretty appalled by the offerings of her particular school. From hot dogs on soggy white buns to chocolate milk to jello, she has been documenting the school lunch year. None of  it sounds too appetizing nor nutritious!

Is this what it takes to make change at ground level? Secret photos then blogging and now books and TV? It's pretty impressive the steps Sarah Wu, aka Mrs. Q, went through to bring kids health and nutrition into the forefront of America's minds. Let's hope for more and more positive results in school food!

At Learning ZoneXpress, it isn't new for us to promote kids healthy eating! For years, we've been bringing fresh, relevant and FUN products to schools, kids, teachers and parents. One concept that every school can latch on to is the 2011 USDA MyPlate Kids Poster. In succinct words with colorful graphics, it makes healthy eating easy for children.


With the fight against childhood obesity up front and center, (Obama's Let's Move Campaign, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and the USDA's MyPlate campaign to name a few!), we're glad to see even more focus on helping kids get healthy. Congratulations Mrs. Q!


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