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Five Minute Activity Books: Tips for use in the classroom

A5-minute-time-management-study-skills-activitiess a classroom teacher, I really appreciate the 5 Minute Activity Books from Learning ZonExpress. When I became a conference exhibitor for Learning Zone Express, I learned I was not alone. EVERYONE comments on how great the books were and were always checking out the newest editions.

The 5 Minute Activity Books provide a wide variety of activities that are perfect for the start and end of your class. They are also a meaningful way to use every minute of your class time for learning. For schools that preach that students should be engaged from “Bell to Bell” you really want to check out the Learning Zone Express catalog for all the books that would be helpful for you.

The first thing I do when I get a new 5Minute Activity Book is read through the book and place little flags on activities that pertain to one of my classes. I use a different color flag for each class and write the color key on the cover of the book. One teacher at a conference shared with me that she selects a couple of the back-up activities from the Five Minute Activity book along with her lesson plan when she is absent  for a substitute teacher. Phenomenal idea! You could even place a few copies of meaningful Five Minute Activities in your emergency substitute folder. I have also found the 5 Minute Activity Book to be a great resource as I was developing new curriculum as well.

The 5 Minute Activity Books are exactly what the title states. They are quick activities that can be used to the classroom. The activities may be discussion questions, involve reflective thinking, be an exploratory and hands on activity or be funny. The books are half sheet, spiral bound cardstock, easy to use and contain about 50 activities.

The Fruits & Vegetables 5 Minute Activities book can be used in a wide variety of Family & Consumer Sciences classes. Here is a condensed version of two of the great activities from the book.

  • Show students two samples of the same fruit or vegetable. One should be fresh and one should be overripe. Have the students examine, smell and touch, the two samples. Then have students explain the difference between the two. This is a wonderful lead -in to discussing how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, how to shop for fruits and vegetables or what scientifically happens to causes fruits and vegetables to mold, decay or change color.
  • Explain that the gourd family contains almost 750 species. Tell students that squashes are the fruit of a gourd plants. Show students a variety of squashes and ask them to guess their name based on how they look inside and outside. Encourage students to be creative with the names. Then reveal the names. (I think this would be a fun fall show case for your school too!)

Check out all of the terrific 5 Minute Activity books that are available:

The books are a wonderful value and they will make your life as a teacher more efficient, effective and enjoyable!

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