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Five reasons to get your teen (and younger kids) to walk to school on National Walk to School Day

I’m looking forward to walk to school day. I have three kids – two teenagers and one 10 year old. I walk the 10 year old to school most days; the teens start earlier (7:30 am!) so they don’t walk as often but I think I’m going to try to get them up and at ‘em on October 8 for National Walk to School Day. I’m going to have to sell them on the idea; teens like their sleep. But I think I’ve come up with some compelling reasons… 50-ways-physical-activity-poster

  1. It’s good exercise! And research shows that just one of four teens get enough exercise.
  2. Exercise helps you think better. Studies indicate that teens who exercise regularly get better grades.
  3. Exercise is good for your skin – it boosts circulation and the delivery of nutrients to your skin.
  4. Exercise reduces stress and reduces depression; again studies bear out this assertion.
  5. When you walk to school you increase the odds of running into other teens. Finding a walking buddy can help start a good habit

These reasons are just as good for the younger kids and with younger kids, kids who will still walk with mom or dad, I could add a few more benefits…

  1. It’s extra time with a parent when you can talk and catch up on daily events.
  2. As a parent you get to know the neighborhood in a new way. Are there corners you might want them to avoid.
  3. You can model good behavior; stop for the lights, say hello to neighbors, talk about how to react to strangers.
  4. The parent also experiences the top five benefits above.


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