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Where Has All The Flatware Gone?

Where has all of the flatware gone?   I'm singing the song "Where have all the flowers gone?  Long time passing....." Remember it?  I suppose not, I suppose you're too young but I'm singing it loud and proud.  (You are lucky you are not here.)  Of course I have changed it to "Where has all the flatware gone?....

There are very few professions where this can be a "hot topic".  Maybe college cafeterias and some eating establishments.

I have the flatware issue at home and at school.  I have been married 25 years and have declared many times while holding new flatware in my hand, "this is not to leave the house." I have a nice flatware set with many knives, one matching spoon, five soup spoons (they take these once the teaspoons are gone), four forks and all of the salad forks.  I never purchase new sets, I just add junk because I have given up hope that my all male family (besides me of course) will ever care about matching flatware.  (Let it be known I have silver that they are not allowed to touch unless otherwise told.)

School flatware is an issue that I have been struggling with for all my years teaching.  I have done garage sales, good will, clearance shopping, color painting, yet they continue to disappear.  Why do people want it?  I really think some of the problem may be teachers borrowing it (not wanting to sacrifice their home collections) with very good intentions of remembering to bring it back. Or maybe it just walks away...

I have since found a secret.  Restaurant supply!  Cheap, cheap, cheap...they may cut their lips while using it but I just have given up the struggle of hunting for the deal.   I do not have time to garage sale and look for bargains. 

Do you have a kitchen pet peeve or a really good idea to combat kitchen management issues?  We, at North High School, have discovered colored measuring cups and spoons.  I beg those companies that make the colored plastic products; Never stop!  I love knowing who left what where, and they can't make up a story.  Such small pleasures in my life!

Please share your stories and ideas for kitchen management. 

Happy kitchen organizing. 


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