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Food Safety Resources from Learning ZoneXpress

I recently attended the NEAFCS Conference. It was such a treat to meet so many of you face-to-face and to hear your feedback on what you need. When you tell us--we listen! It sounds like you need tools on food and kitchen safety, especially at this time when the focus is on preserving and preparing fresh bounty. See below for our best resources.

Also, if you have a statewide extension or FACS conference that I should consider attending in 2013, please email me. Thank you!


Mary Beth Anderson

Food Safety Handouts Food Safety Handouts
To fight harmful food-borne illness causing bacteria, certain precautions need to be taken to ensure food stays safe. The Food Safety Tablet features tips for the five steps to follow for food safety: Cook, Separate, Store, Clean and Avoid Risky Foods. The backside of the tablet features information about time and significant temperatures, as well as brief overviews of four common food-borne illnesses.


Food & Safety Activities for FACS Class5 Minute Food & Kitchen Safety Activities

The spiral bound book features short activities that can be used to introduce lessons, reinforce earlier learning, or used as conclusions to lessons. Each activity can be a creative and fun learning experience for students that allows them to get thinking about food borne pathogens, proper food handling techniques, preventing accidents in the kitchen, and more.

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Food Safety Video from Learning ZoneXpressSpoiled Rotten Food Safety DVD

The Food Safety Investigation (FSI) Team checks for clues of food poisoning at a food safety crime scene. In this film, viewers will learn the basic rules to prevent food-borne illnesses: clean hands, food, utensils and surfaces; separate foods while shopping, storing and preparing to prevent cross-contamination; cook foods to recommended temperatures to kill bacteria; chill and store foods promptly and at proper temperatures.

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Play it Safe Poster Set from Learning ZoneXpressPlay It Safe Poster Set

Set of 6 * 11" x 17" * Cardstock

Poster set covers the safety topics of hand washing, food expiration dates, safe food temperatures, food storage, food-borne illnesses, and food safety.


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