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Foods To Have More Of

It is official. We've passed the mark. That date far enough into the New Year when we know if our resolutions stuck or slipped through our grasp like wisps of fog on a cold winter’s morning. If you are in the first category, one of the few, with a deeply ingrained new and healthful habit-kudos to you. If however, you somehow find yourself in the second category, one of the many, despairing over your inability to resist the snooze button in favor of your morning run, or wondering where the whole chocolate bar went after you were planning on just one piece or maybe dumbstruck how that bottle of Merlot you opened on Monday didn’t make it to Wednesday as planned, don’t despair. We are going to turn the idea of a New Year’s resolution on its head.

Rather than the classic track of self-denial, extreme restricting, and general limitations, let’s consider what foods we should have more of, eat more often, or indulge in. So if you are one of the many resolute in your failed resolution, consider this 180°.

Eat more of these:

Salmon-Because it is packed full of omega 3s. Omega 3s help control our body's inflammatory response and with the recent research on inflammation predisposing us to heart disease a little more salmon just might do the trick. Additionally, omega 3s reduce your risk of auto-immune disease and depression.

Peanuts (or other nuts)-In general nuts have a good type of fat that isn’t hard on your heart. They are also a good source of minerals and when eaten regularly may decrease your risk of diabetes. Keep in mind they are packed full of energy, so while they are a handy snack on your afternoon hike a whole can on the sofa at night might be too much.

Milk-Getting adequate vitamin D can help reduce your risk of arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes and yes the Big C-Cancer!! You’re right if you think milk alone is not enough, but it is one more way to get some more vitamin D.

Fruits and Veggies-There I did it, a big broad category and I’m not even going to provide you justification because you know why!!

So now you have the list of ‘Foods To Have More Of’. As you do so remember the idea is not simply to add to your total intake but consider these foods as possible substitutes. Enjoy!!

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