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Forget Resolutions for the New Year...Set SMART Healthy Behavior Goals!

Every year, multitudes of people create a list of resolutions for the new year.  Many of these are daily habits or habits you're trying to avoid for as long as possible.  Sadly, many of these resolutions are forgotten early into the new year.

A better alternative to resolutions is to develop SMART healthy behavior goals for the future.  And it helps to work toward them in a more gradual process rather than expecting immediate change.

What makes a goal SMART?

  • Specific-What do I want to do?
  • Measurable-How much and how often will I do it?
  • Achievable-How will I do it?
  • Realistic-Can I do it? What barriers may make my goal difficult?  How can I overcome them?
  • Timely-When will I do it?

Here are some helpful questions to set a SMART Healthy Behavior Goal:

  1. My goal to improve my health:
  2. This goal is important to me because:
  3. The steps I’ll take to reach my goal:
  4. Who can help me reach my goal?
  5. What barriers could interfere with my goal? How can I overcome them?


For a creative handout to share with your clients that will help them track their weekly progress see our:  Set SMART Healthy Behavior Goals Handouts.

Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight, but as you develop SMART goals that are important to you, the change will come, and will be lasting rather than temporary.


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