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FREE Fruit & Veggie Activity for high school students


MyPlate, the new food pyramid icon released last year puts a very strong emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables play an important role in our health providing necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber. Each of us should strive to fill half of our plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal.

This MyPlate worksheet available for free download highlights the importance of fruits and veggies in our diets, discusses recommended servings, and encourages students to think about their own fruits and veggie consumption. Are they getting enough? If not, why? What can they do to improve their fruit and vegetable intake?

Questions like these get students thinking about MyPlate and why fruits and veggies are so important.

Download Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables Worksheet and Answer Key 

This free activity is best suited for a high school age group.


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