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Free Healthy Living Poster from Learning ZoneXpress

Free Nutrition & Health Poster from Learning Zone ExpressAugust is upon us! Hard to believe summer is almost coming to an end. Time to turn the page on our calendars and offer you another free downloadable health poster!

August's free health poster encompasses all facets of good health. This poster reads “Give your body what it craves”. It serves as a great reminder for overall health and wellness. Are you eating plenty of fruits and veggies? Getting enough physical activity and drinking enough water? Are you sleeping the recommended 8 hours each night?

These can be challenging with our fast-paced lives, which is why a daily reminder is just what some of us need. A reminder of four, simple things:

  • Healthy Foods
  • Physical Activity
  • Good ol' H2O
  • Sleep

I was so excited about this poster that I printed one for work and one for home.  Download this free health poster here and share with friends, family, and co-workers.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to give your body what it craves.

Visit for more healthy living posters.

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