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Garden Heroes Get Active at Anderson Grove Elementary School!

Kyle McMahon is in his 8th year of teaching Physical Education at Anderson Grove Elementary, part of Papillion La Vista Community Schools. His creative approach to physical activity and nutrition education is noteworthy, and we want to take this opportunity share some of his great work with you.

Incorporating nutrition into his physical education curriculum, McMahon gets his students fired up about healthy choices. "We talk about fruits and veggies and the importance of making healthy food choices in addition to being physically active," says McMahon. This is where Learning ZoneXpress Garden Heroes come into play.

McMahon has created a fun and healthy spin on traditional freeze tag (one of many games he's created and played with his students). He calls it Healthy Heroes Tag. In this version, several students are assigned to be taggers, several are assigned to be fruit and veggie heroes and the remainder are active tag participants.

The taggers are labeled as "junk food." Once a student is tagged, he must freeze as his energy has been zapped. This represents what unhealthy food choices do to our bodies. The student stays frozen until the "fruit and veggie heroes" can come to the rescue. Students assigned as heroes are given a fruit or veggie Garden Hero. Heroes tag the frozen students and fuel them with nutrients which gives them the energy needed to go back into play! Take a look at the video below to see this awesome game in action!

McMahon said the kids get really excited when they see the Garden Heroes come out and the educational component of this game is resonating. He hopes it translates into some of the decisions they make in school and at home.

We can only imagine the students going home to their parents and telling them about the fun activities they play in P.E. class. We are inspired by McMahon's work and are confident it's making a difference in those students' habits. Making healthy choices fun is what it's all about. This is where it starts and where the change begins to take place. We applaud his creativity and dedication to his students.

If you'd like to learn more about McMahon's work at Anderson Grove Elementary, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. He is extremely active and gives parents and fans a peek into his curriculum and activities. This is an excellent, evolving source of communication between parents and educators. It also allows him to share his ideas, just as we’re sharing them with you, with other physical educators.

Learning ZoneXpress applauds the important and engaging work McMahon is doing at Anderson Grove Elementary and can't thank him enough for sharing these ideas with us, and with you! We'll most certainly be following his work and sharing more with you as it comes!


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