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Get Active by Trying a New Activity!

As mentioned in an earlier post, trying a new activity is a great way to incorporate more activity into your life. It is also a great way to meet new people, create a new hobby and step outside your comfort zone.  Below are a few summer activities or sports to try this summer.

Paddleboarding- Paddleboarding is a new, fun water sport that is quickly growing in popularity. Those who paddleboard are essentially kneeling or standing on a paddleboard (or surfboard) as they propel themselves across the water in a swimming motion with their paddle. It works numerous parts of the body and does not require a lot of skill (unless you enhance your balancing skills and incorporate some yoga moves on it!)

Rollerblading- Bring those dusty blades back out from the basement and give them a roll this summer! Rollerblading is a great fitness option that incorporates a lot of balance and leg work. You will be surprised how, with good posture, you can get a great ab workout as well. It's not too hard on your knees and is a great way to get places a little faster than walking.
Tech Tip: If you're looking for a fun way to track this, the app MapMyRun is a good option. It also helps you find routes!

Join a team- Volleyball, softball, running and tennis are just a few activities that become popular in the summer months. Teams or clubs become available and there are plenty of welcoming participants always looking for more people to join them. Look into your local Parks and Recreation Department to find out what club teams you can join.
Tech Tip: There are some helpful websites you can use to find local sport activities around you such as  Another way to find opportunities is to simply google "your preferred activity + preferred location."

What do you say - ready to try something new? If you're looking for more ways to track your progress, the DailyBurn Tracker App is a fun option. It combines fitness, weight and food tracking. You can see this app and others in the 50 App Activities for Fitness from Learning ZoneXpress.

Have other ideas you'd like to add to this list of activities or tech tips? Share them with us on the Learning ZoneXpress Facebook Page.


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