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A Great Time in Des Moines, Iowa

I had a wonderful time in Des Moines this week. I had the pleasure of being a Learning ZoneXpress exhibitor and workshop presenter for the ACTE/FACS conference. No matter where I travel, I truly find FACS teachers to be friendly, hard-working and always willing to learn; the Iowa FACS teachers were no exception. One of the workshops I conducted focused on management in the home, foods lab and school day. The workshop was well attended and I appreciated the number of those who pulled up some floor space!

We all want the quality of our lives to be better and to glean ways to make our busy, frenetic days a little less harried and a bit more fun. We hear about this so much today in our society; balancing family, life and work, delegating tasks, getting rid of the clutter, not expecting perfection, dealing with stress, the list of life management topics is endless. This probably has something to do with our having endless To Do Lists!

Knowing that my workshop time would go fast I had a handout for the attendees with a list of tips and ideas I incorporate at home and school to read at their leisure and to think about what would work for them. I made plenty of copies, but unfortunately, plenty was not enough. So, in today’s blog, I have included a PDF file of my tips and ideas for those of you who did not get a copy at the conference and for those of you who would like to take a look at the list.

Thanks Iowa for making my time with you so enjoyable and for being so attentive at the workshops especially after a long day of sitting. I wish you all a wonderful school year!

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