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Sewing Green and Recycling

O.k. I know that I am going to bring out my age again when I take up this topic, but I want to talk about recycling clothes.

I am very happy about clothes recycling and I am very glad that it is back.  But let me just repeat this sentence.  I am glad it is back.

My mom and my aunt had the same reaction to my recycling projects in the 70's because they lived through the depression and they had to recycle their clothes because they were poor.  The same goes for June and Jean [my twin mother in law(s)].  Those two have some wonderful sewing stories and when I look at the clothing that they constructed I can't believe my eyes.  It was so creative and done so well for being self taught.  If they were born a couple of decades later they really could have been designers, I mean that with all of my heart.

They have this wonderful story about wanting a new dress so bad for a date that they took the shower curtain out of their bath tub, in their rented apartment, and making a dress for one of them.

I have been teaching clothing recycling in my beginning clothing and fashion class for over 10 years.  Have you taught recycling?  What are some of the recycling projects that you have done in your clothing and fashion classes?  Please share.

In the spirit of the needle and thread!!!!!!!! Go make a skirt out of a pair of jeans.   


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