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Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Treats

Healthy Eating StickersWhile kids prepare their costumes, parents, doctors and dentists get ready for the Halloween aftershocks of too much sugar. Are there healthy alternatives to bags full of Halloween candy?

Of course there are! Here are five suggestions for nutritious and safe treats that don’t trick the body into unhealthy habits:

Stickers: Kids love stickers for their school books, for craft projects, or to add to their costumes. You can even hand out healthy eating stickers from Learning ZoneXpress. Best of all, stickers don’t have calories, sugar, corn syrup, or Trans fats!

Party Prizes: It’s not too hard to find spider rings, ghost erasers, and other Halloween-themed prizes. We’ve also seen glow bracelets, silly bands, and even tiny tubs of Play Dough. Lots of fun for not a lot of money! Learning ZoneXpress also offers colorful bookmarks and fun temporary tattoos!

Healthy Snacks: Sugar free gum. Granola bars. Small bags of crackers, dried fruit, or pumpkin-shaped pretzels. Safety-conscious parents appreciate something packaged, so fresh fruit, alas, is not such a great idea.

Get Crafty: You can find all kinds of Halloween craft projects online. (There are some clever, crafty websites that can help. You’ll need to make a bunch, so enlist your own kids to help!

Money: Think about giving out nickels, dimes or quarters. The best part? The kids can spend – rather than eat - the leftovers! (And at 20 cents per bite-size bar, it’s about the same price as candy.)

There you have it! Five healthy alternatives to Halloween treats! If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment in the space below or tell us about it on the Learning ZoneXpress Facebook page!

Have a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween everyone!

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