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Think Healthy Thursday: Ann Cooper on School Lunches

Yesterday I listened to a TED talk that really inspired me. Ann Cooper (The Renegade Chef) spoke about school lunches and how she has gone about making school lunches healthier. It strengthened my passion for helping kids make healthy decisions – please watch the video and see if it doesn’t inspire you too.

Few things are more important than kids health – whether we’re talking about kids in Chile or in our own backyard. Like Ann Cooper, we’re not simply talking about kids feeling and looking good. We’re talking about raising kids without lifelong ailments (such as Diabetes) and helping kids get the nutrition they need to form fully working brains. It’s our future as well as their future at stake.

Ann talks about how fast food industries have appealed to kids by making “chicken” look like something they like, such as stars. We have taken a similar marketing strategy in a different direction with our Garden Heroes. We are helping kids learn to love what’s healthy by using good marketing to promote fruits and vegetables. It’s just one step we’ve taken – but it seems apt in light of her example.

We challenge you to think about how you are using good marketing with your kids, grandkids, students or patients to promote healthy food. Need some help? Try our free downloadable game that walks kids through the process of trying new foods.

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