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Think Healthy Thursday: Eat Less. Give More. Go Halfsies.

Halfsies is a social initiative offering healthier meal portions to restaurant-goers while reducing food waste and supporting the fight against hunger and poverty.”

This initiative emphasizes three problems :

  • Oversized Portions
  • Food Waste
  • World Hunger

They point out that there is a common denominator, food.

We’ve all been to restaurants; I think you can attest that the portion sizes tend to be a bit out of control. We seem to think we’re getting more bang for our buck, but are we? If more bang means unnecessary calories and waste, then sure.

How it Works

Participating restaurants will select dishes from their menu and mark them with a halfsies icon. This indicates that a half portion of that meal is served. The customer will pay full price for their meal, but half of that money goes back to Halfsies to fight hunger.

I love this idea, because most of us don't ever finish the restaurant portions anyway. We say we'll bring it home and take it for lunch the next day, but it almost always sits in the fridge until we throw it out. What if we could prevent that waste? What if on top of preventing waste, we decreased our portions to a healthier size?

Halfsies is a program that is bringing these issues full circle. This social initiative not only helps customers by offering them a healthy portion, but it’s a way for them to give back to something greater than themselves.

“Hunger is the world’s number on health risk. It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.” Halfsies has taken on the challenge of changing that, and they are doing it full force.  The program will launch in Austin, TX this spring. From there, we have high hopes that it will spread to other communities and create a movement.

To learn more about Halfsies and how you can get involved, visit their facebook page.

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