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Think Healthy Thursday: Healthy Fundraisers for School & Youth Projects

Last week we wrote about the Kids’ Safe & Healthful Foods Project and their effort to improve the safety and nutrition value of foods kids eat at school. It’s great to hear about how schools are working on their cafeteria, curriculum and school shop to make it easier to make healthy choices. This week the Kids’ Safe & Healthful Foods Project shared a story from the New York City’s Healthy High Schools Initiative on healthy fundraising options for schools. We love the idea.

We know that baked goods, candy bars and popcorn can make for popular fundraisers – but is it counterproductive to promote healthy choices and yet lean on old less-healthy standards for raising money? Wouldn’t some friends and family be happier to support your team, school and effort without the added calories?!

We had some ideas we wanted to share – some borrowed from the original list out of New York:

  • Have a walk-a-thon or dance-a-thon, bike-a-thon, hula-hoop-a-thon, etc.
  • Have a holiday flower or plant sale (Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, etc.)
  • Have a secondhand bike sale – families bring in unwanted bikes, maybe a class or      group of parents and kids could work to fix and/or spruce up the bikes to sell
  • Sell school logo gear (reusable water bottles, clothing, mugs)
  • Car wash – great exercise, good money
  • Host a family night out – have older students host a movie night at the school
  • Host an event for parents, could be a dinner, could be a sporting event, dance lessons anything – parents pay for activity plus premium to go to the      school. (You might get a host to donate services or food.)
  • Have a White Elephant auction – invite kids to bring in items from home to sell at a school auction
  • Sell objets d’art from the art class – open it up to the community (great for money and boosting esteem in budding artists)
  • Create a spring cleaning crew to up local residents with lawn work and general spring cleanup chores

Done right a fundraiser can be a great opportunity to teach kids about finances, budgeting and management as well as introduce topics that help them understand socially responsible businesses.

We’d love to hear some of your good ideas too.

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