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Help Your Students Explore The Opportunities of Entrepreneurship!

Remember as a child the thrill of managing your own lemonade stand or selling crafts and homemade goodies that you had made? Wouldn’t it be great if children kept that enterprising spirit into adulthood? Learning ZoneXpress understands that few teachers have the educational resources or time to teach an entrepreneurship program. Fortunately, some lessons and activities can be integrated into academic subjects throughout grade levels.

Our new “Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss DVD” is designed to help students explore the opportunities of entrepreneurship. Your students will discover the struggles and successes of four different business owners in Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss. This video features interviews of a baker, videographer, children’s clothing designer, and president of a charitable running event company.  These entrepreneurs share their experiences running their own businesses.


Topics in this video include:

• Motivation
• Challenges and Risks
• Strengths, Skills, and Training
• Time Management
• Communication and Teamwork
• Support Systems
• Rewards
• Advice for Others

It is said that entrepreneurs are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things. Help your students find their own entrepreneurial opportunities and show them they can succeed while following their dreams.  Visit Learning ZoneXpress for more educational DVD's, posters, handouts, lesson plans and more!

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