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Hop on Over to a Healthy Easter Sunday

It’s hard to believe that Easter is only four days away and today in Southern Minnesota we are expecting a snow storm. But that’s your typical Minnesota Spring! One day it’s 65 degrees and sunny and the next day there’s a blizzard. Well, fear not Minnesotans, you can still partake like the rest of the country and enjoy Easter! This year, why not try and add more healthy choices to your meal? Adding more vegetable side dishes, like Simple Roasted Baby Carrots or Roasted Brussels Sprouts, is sure to make your meal more colorful, as well as provide healthier options to choose from.

After you’ve filled yourself full of wonderful, healthy food, get outside as a family and get some exercise. There are many things you can do as a family. Here are a couple fun examples:

  • Go on a walk.
  • Make a game of your Easter egg hunt by making it a treasure hunt, and in order to get the next clue, you have to do something active, like 10 push-ups or 15 jumping jacks.
  • How about a bean bag race, but call it a bunny race and “hop” your way to healthiness?

There are so many fun activities to do as a family, you just need to get creative. If you need more inspiration, take a look at our “Let’s Make Spring & Summer Healthy Newsletter Handout” and try the Salad Bowl Sprint. This newsletter tip sheet for educators and parents, offers ideas to encourage more physical activity, a seasonal produce guide, riddles, tasty snack recipes and more.

If you are looking for more healthy snacks for kids, order the “Kid Approved Healthy Snacks Cookbook” and get your kids involved by having them help prepare the recipes. There are over 30 recipes to choose from including:

  • Grape Pops
  • Berry Blast Smoothie
  • Crunchy Fruit Kabobs
  • Mediterranean Salad Skewers and more!

The recipes are easy to follow and feature beautiful food photography to help guide you in preparing the recipes. One more fun thing to do as a family this Easter.630200_3

From Roasted Carrots to Mediterranean Salad Skewers and walking to hopping, there are many healthy things to enjoy as a family this Easter. Just remember, if you are a Minnesotan, and wake up Easter morning to snow on the ground, remind yourself how much exercise you’ll be getting trudging through the thick, wet snow, when you go outside to find the eggs that the Easter bunny left for you to find.

We, at Learning ZoneXpress, want to wish everyone a Healthy and Happy Easter!!

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