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Best Advice Can't be Found in a Book

There are certain things that I have learned in life about Family and Consumer Sciences education that have nothing to do with my school education.  Some of them make sense to the profession and some of them are just fun.

1.  Grandma Mary:  Always make your food "look" good.  If it looks good they will think it tastes good.
2.  Grandma Ice:  (yes, her name was Ice short for Icyleen)  Nice even stitches on your embroidery.  Flowers in the garden can make you happy.
3.  Mom (Rita):  Make the most of what you have and always have a sense of humor about everything.   (Although it was dry and sarcastic)
4.  Aunt Marie:  (My mothers sister and like a second mother) A:  For every 10 times you go out 1 will be fantastic so don't give up.
    B:  Time goes in multiples of your age.  (So this year time is going 51 times faster than when I was 1).  Think about it, it's true.
5.  Mother in law Jean:  Always enter the room with a hug and a smile.
6.  Other Mother in law June:  (My mother in law is an identical twin.  I get two for the price of one, they are 85 and still like to dress alike and I am saying that with pride. They are spunky and very alive at 85)  You can never have too many Victorian chairs.  June, Jean and I have done a great deal of antiquing together in last 25 years.  We have similar tastes and I love that we can all share the hobby.

I was feeling sentimental today and wanted to share information I've gathered from wonderful women in my life that can't be found in a book. And I was missing my mother today.  :)   


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