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Is nutrition an economic issue?

Yes! A recent survey indicates that kids of better educated parents have healthier diets. The Philly Inquirer reports…

Researchers looked at nearly 15,000 children, aged 2 to 9, in eight European countries -- Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Sweden -- to examine the connection between parents' education levels and their children's nutrition.

The study revealed that children of parents with low and medium levels of education ate fewer fruits and vegetables and more processed foods and sweet drinks, which are high in fats and sugars. Parents with higher levels of education were more likely to feed their children foods with more nutritional value, including vegetables, fruit, pasta, rice and whole-grain bread.

The study was published in the March issue of the journal Public Health Nutrition.

MyPlate Healthy Eating Poster from Learning ZoneXpressIt’s not a big surprise but it reinforces the need to target messages to parents with limited education. How can we help narrow that gap? Certainly the MyPlate icon has been helpful. It’s a simple, straightforward icon that demonstrates what foods should be served – starting with making half your plate fruits and vegetables.

Learning ZoneXpress has a range products that help to support the effort to promote better nutrition to all parents. There are handouts for teachers, brochures for healthcare providers and MyPlate posters to reach parents wherever they go.

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