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Keeping FACS Alive: Second Career FACS Teachers Brings Business Skills to Classroom in Wisconsin

This summer Learning ZoneXpress has been asking teachers how they are keeping FACS Alive in their classrooms and schools. We were thrilled with the response and are happy to share the stories. We would love to hear from you! Help us spread promoting-facs-guidethe awareness of FCS in the classroom today and share your story with us. Long live “Home Ec”!

Today’s story…

FCS is alive at WBHS! I am entering my third year as an educator and am "50 something". I entered the classroom after spending many years in business, volunteering in my children's academic and extracurricular lives, and a few years as a substitute teacher. It was as a "sub" that I quickly learned how my original B.S. degree in Home Economics in Business and my life as a business person and parent could be put to wonderful use in the classroom leading young people.

It is in the classroom that I have found my passion to mentor, educate and guide students who come from broken families, absent families and low socioeconomic status. I am able to share consumer economics, nutrition, cooking skills and food science and safety in the foods classroom. I teach basic sewing skills and repurposing existing items in my Clothing and Fashions courses. Parenting class prepares my students for the anticipation of parenting but also prepares the unwed moms. FCS is relevant and critical here!

Susan Swinick

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