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Kudos to Melanie Nelson, CEO of Learning ZoneXpress

Hurrah for Melanie! In April, Melanie was highlighted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. as she will be attending a three week executive leadership program at Harvard’s Business School. I am so proud of Melanie and her accomplishments!

As a former FACS teacher I am also very thankful for Melanie and the outstanding company she has developed. Learning ZoneXpress continues to provide cutting edge resources for the classroom and students. As a teacher, it was nice to be able to order meaningful curriculum for my classes and not always spend the time and energy trying to “reinvent the wheel.” My classroom always looked great with the informative and relevant posters. She has tapped many stellar FACS teacher brains over the years, which has inspired and provided many of the Learning ZoneXpress materials.

I met Melanie thirty-three years ago while attending my very first Minnesota Association of Family & Consumer Sciences conference. I was in the throes of  starting my new career as a FACS teacher. At the time, I was a student teacher at Armstrong High School with an amazing teacher, Joan Fredeen. Joan provided me with the opportunity to go to the conference. Joan had called me the night before the conference to tell me about going in her place AND she offered to teach my class the next day. (A day off without having to make lesson plans, this has NEVER happened since.)

It was a life changing gift from Joan, as MAFCS has provided me with so much professional growth, personal friends and leadership opportunities over the years. (If you are a supervising teacher, keep this in mind.) At the conference, I did not know a single soul! At lunch, being the first at my table and being all by myself, who should join me and make me feel so welcome? None other than Melanie Nelson! We hit it off from the start! It turned out that Melanie had also been a student teacher with Joan Fredeen.

Since then, Melanie and I have been kindred spirits. Over the course of my career she has been a personal inspiration and encouragement to me. She has believed in me and provided me with so many fulfilling opportunities and challenges. I am most grateful and blessed by Melanie. I greatly admire her spiritual strength, energy, inquisitive mind and delightful sense of humor. She is most generous to our profession and to her colleagues. We are fortunate that Melanie such has a passionate heart for Family & Consumer Sciences.

Thank you Melanie for your lifetime investment in Family & Consumer Sciences and me! Have a wonderful time at Harvard!

View the full Star Tribune article here.

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