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Latest Release: Garden Heroes Activities Book

Garden Heroes Activities Book

Unhealthy food has had a team of mascots and spokespeople for years. And it attracts kids. Kids love to eat the cereals with the cuddly mascots or choose restaurants with the cutest cartoon. Learning ZoneXpress decided that healthy food needed to find some adorable representatives - as so was born the Garden Hero - cuddly plush toys shaped like fruits and vegetables. Today we're happy to unveil the latest tool to help teachers and childcare staff promote Garden Heroes with young children.

Garden Heroes Activities Book

Grow a love for fruits and vegetables in young children with this activity book. It is packed full of nutrition education information and education-rich activities. It featuring all 35 cuddly fruit and vegetable Garden Heroes®. The book includes:

• Nutrition Bites: Information on each fruit or vegetable including Spanish name, where it grows, what it looks like, and how to eat it.
• Heroic Facts: Fun and surprising trivia about the fruit or vegetable
• Taste Adventure: A kid-friendly recipe for classroom or home
• Superhero Activity: An activity in math, literacy, art, movement, science, or dramatic play relating to fruits and vegetables.

The Garden Heroes Activities Book targets younger children, preschool, Pre-K, kindergarten and elementary education. It’s often found in classrooms, childcare centers and any place kids congregate to learn about healthy lifestyles. It's a great way to promote good nutrition, culinary curiosity and a little Spanish!

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