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Latest Release: Nutrition Education Activity Workbooks by LZX

We are pleased to unveil the latest in our popular 5 Minute Activities series: 5 Minute Fruit & Vegetable Activities. Regular customers will recognize the 5 Minute Activities series as fun and educational ice breakers and time fillers for teachers. The latest workbooks focus on promoting good nutrition by highlighting fruits and vegetables.

The workbook is divided into three different age levels – encouraging the following health education lesson plan topics:

  • Preschool aged children, which incorporate art, 5 senses, letters, and numbers.
    • Creating art
    • Using the senses
    • Making healthy choices
    • Focusing on variety
    • Practicing letters and numbers
  • Elementary school students, which include decision making, variety, selection, preparation, and food facts.
    • Fun with food
    • Making healthy choices
    • Focusing on variety
    • Food facts
    • Selecting and preparing healthy food
  • Middle/high school students, which include meal planning, nutrients, the environment, and media awareness.
    • Smart nutrition choices
    • Meal planning
    • Media savvy
    • Seeking out nutrients
    • Organics and the environment

The nutrition education activities for kids generally last about 5 minutes, as the name implies. Some activities encourage group discussion on nutrition; other activities can be modified for quiet meditation.

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